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Post Linkedin
Targeting Sophisticated targeting is now available from LinkedIn. You are able to specify job function, position, geographic location, company name, industry, study form, membership of groups, specific lists of your sales team and more. Combing all these options makes things very precise and effective. Insight Tag You can track the audiences that are converting best...
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Post Facebook
Video Ads Video ads are by far the best at engaging and creating that all important emotion inside us which drives sales. Facebook has options to reflect how people consume video – from bite-sized videos watched on-the-go, to longer video styles watched when more relaxed. Lead Ads You know when you can register online sometimes...
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Post Remarketing
Brand Recall This is the modern version of seeing snippets of an original TV ad a few weeks on from the main ad. People can only remember limited brands and retain limited messages. Remarketing is a fantastic tool for creating on-going reminders, staying top of mind and anchoring your brand in consumers’ long term memories. Second...
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Post Google Marketing
Prime Real Estate The first three listings on a google search are typically reserved for paid ads. The second three are the “Local 3-Pack Maps Area” google my business results. Being above the organic listings at the top of google page one and having a maps picture included as well as text is highly valuable...
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Post Web Design
Modern Design Your website is often your first interaction with a potential new client. Everyone now uses the web as a tool to make their decision making process more efficient. What you put online reflects how you provide service, how you manufacture a product, how you educate and ultimately how you do business. All Device Responsive...
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Mobile Coffee
Brand Awareness 1930’s movie bosses discovered 7 “Touches” of advertising were required to compel someone to watch their movies. In todays world it’s probably higher. Thoughtful content enables expert passive leverage of this so when the time comes, you are well established in the minds of your potential customers. Quality Website Traffic People prefer to...
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