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Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic

What’s better?

Often people ask “What is better… paid traffic or organic traffic?”. The answer to this question is not as simple as it would seem. Paid traffic seems straight forward you pay and get a return on investment, right? That’s not always the case. With the ever changing technologies, bid strategies and methods of utilizing paid traffic always evolving, it’s sometimes better to hire an expert. By doing so they can maximize your return on investment from the budget for a management fee which in jest pays for itself from the increased ROI.

Benefits of Organic Traffic

  • Trust – by appearing at the top organically this immediately installs trust. After all if Google put you at the top of the list as the industry leader you must really be at the top of your game! The perception ranking high organically gives is that you deserve to be at the top increasing the CTR (click through rate) to the website. Where as paying to be at the top through an Ad people know that you’ve just paid the most to be there!
  • CTR – So we touched on this very briefly above. Click Through Rate is the likeliness that someone will actually click through onto your listing and proceed to view you products and services. This is very important as you want as many people actually coming through to view your page rather than just having the impression made upon them. Generally the CTR is much better with organic results than it is with paid results and this is important especially with business who have a longer buying cycle.
  • Longevity – Once you achieve high ranking positions these can be maintained by continuing your SEO strategy and ultimately benefit your for a more long term gain than paid traffic. You get authority status and can continue to build upon your industry leader status.

Benefits of Paid Search

  • Time – unlike organic search results which can take months to even years for competitive terms. By paying for an Ad placement you can achieve top of the pile rankings instantly.
  • Specific Targeting – With Paid search this allows you to be very specific and tailor exactly what audience you would like to target. This can be done on various indicators such as location and behavioral demographics.
  • Converting Business – With the specific targeting some could argue that this method is more liked to convert business as you are targeting your customers specifically rather than broadly through organic. However we would advise that if you are not an expert in acquiring this traffic it could be better to source someone who can correctly utilize these methods.


Should you use organic or paid search? In all honesty your marketing needs both and you should have budget for both to allow the marketing to prosper at its maximum.

Paid search can help you instantly make an impression and gain traction where as Organic search will take time however be more cost efficient in the long run giving trust to your website and your brand.