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Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

Marketing – What’s Best For Me?

You’d be surprised how many Business owners still don’t utilize Online marketing to its full capacity. The countless times I speak to business owners I always ask one question. How do you spend your marketing budget?

Replies often include: “I’m in the local paper.” or responses such as “I use the yellow pages and a tiny bit of radio.” Now don’t get me wrong advertisement wherever is great! You’ve realized the need to market your business in order to continue that steady growth and reach your business and personal goals as a business owner! However I’m always shocked to hear the same response when asking a prospect/business owner another key question… What do you do for your online advertisement? The usual response “Well, I have my website. That does that part.”

Making the mistake of thinking your website works by itself!

It may come as a shock to some of you, however having a website alone is actually a waste of time and counter productive. It’s the same as having an office / shop and telling absolutely no one where it is. The same as having a car but keeping it in the garage for no one to see.

Now, that may sound a bit harsh. If you have a website already then great, you’re on the right track. People may use it as a reference point, but only the people that already know about your business. Imagine I told you for the price of 1 month on radio you could market yourself online through multiple platforms and methods for 3 months and probably 1000x the return on investment!

Methods Of Online / Digital Marketing

There are many different methods of online marketing. Some solutions work for everyone and other solutions work better for a certain type of business. Below we will explain the 3 main methods that we use at Pixel Panther and how they would suit a certain type of business.


You may or may not know that SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) for the Yanks in the room. This is a long term strategy which you would plan from 3-12 months. The goal is to optimise your website in order to conform to Google’s strict guidelines which has over 200 different factors and counting. By doing SEO successfully you will appear higher in the organic rankings where you do not have to pay a single pence or cent for someone to click onto your website. The goal is to rank in the top 3 on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for your business’s preferred services. SEO applies to all business models!

Social Media

Social Media marketing is a little more complex. If you are for example a Vape Shop or a Cake Store, you would focus on Facebook and Instagram. Where as a Lawyer may focus on Facebook and LinkedIn. There is some crossover in platforms and that is due to the popularity and the consumer base within them.

Facebook – Great for all companies.
Instagram – Great for creative companies
LinkedIn – Great for professional services / firms.
SnapChat – Great to target a younger audience.

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s very own advertising platform which allows you to bid for the top spot on the advertisement section on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This method whilst much more expensive than the previous is something you can turn on and off whilst the demand is there. Google Ads is great for service based companies, especially people like plumbers or electricians whom someone generally doesn’t care who it is they just need a job done and quickly. You do need to make sure that the Google Ads is configured correctly however otherwise you could reach a big ad spend with little results. We recommend if you are to take this route to always speak to an expert first even if only for advice!


We hope this helps you better understand online marketing. As a millennial myself I do advise all business owners to explore digital marketing especially if you aren’t at current. The internet is certainly not going away and technology becomes a bigger part of our life everyday. If you’d like to speak to one of our team who can better explain to you the features and benefits of online marketing for your business then do give us a call on 02382 026 302.