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SEO for E-Commerce websites, a cheeky workaround.

SEO for E-Commerce Sites – Naughty Behavior

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SEO companies often place relevant content about a category in the footer for their e-commerce clients on their category pages. They do this in the hope it will rank each product within Google SERP. Google’s John Mueller recently suggested in a webmaster hangout that this isn’t a good idea.

“I’d try to stick to really informative content and put that in places where you think that users will be able to see it,” rather than throwing that content on the footer of the page.

John Mueller – Google

We, even though it has been proven working, advise against this as sooner or later Google will penalize companies for using a grey hat workaround. We would advise to add some relevant content onto each product page thus actually giving a customer more information on your product and ultimately helping Google understand what you’re trying to sell.

John carried on by saying

“Things you could do here, is kind of make sure that those pages are well-integrated with your website so that we have a clear context of how those pages should belong the website and what those pages are about.” …..

“another thing you can do is when you have that listing of products — make sure that there’s some information on those listings so that we can understand what the page is about “

John Mueller – Google

One of the reasons business’ originally adopted this method is that it can be hard without a property strategy and budget to rank an E-Commerce website. As Google evolves workarounds like this one will be found out and ultimately, as always, fudging some text into a footer to try to rank a product will only end badly.

Obviously having some amount of text makes sense. We would suggest editing that giant block of text into a small blurb about your product. This will give users a little bit more information as to what they’re actually looking at as well as letting Google know and getting the ranking positions you desire!