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5 Linkedin Marketing Bonuses


Sophisticated targeting is now available from LinkedIn. You are able to specify job function, position, geographic location, company name, industry, study form, membership of groups, specific lists of your sales team and more. Combing all these options makes things very precise and effective.

Insight Tag

You can track the audiences that are converting best for any of your segments of sponsored content. You are able to view the exact number of leads each of your individual campaigns, specific audiences and targeted advertising are generating. Understanding this ROI helps to continually improve in future campaigns.


It’s possible to select multiple creative assets within the same campaign. LinkedIn Campaign Manager has a rotate evenly tool so you can test different kinds of pictures, headlines and ad texts. Campaign manager will then after a set time automatically switch to showing your best performing combination and maximise results.


Much more analytics are now available within LinkedIn in addition to who looks at your profile or likes your posts. You are now able to see who is liking your content, which company they are from, what position they are in, what their geographic location is and which path they took to your content.


LinkedIn works on an efficient secondary bidding system. If you win the bid you’ll pay just above the second highest bid. Past campaign performance is also taken into account which rewards relevance and authenticity.  It also creates an improved user experience for both seller and buyer.