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5 Google Marketing Facts

Prime Real Estate

The first three listings on a google search are typically reserved for paid ads. The second three are the “Local 3-Pack Maps Area” google my business results. Being above the organic listings at the top of google page one and having a maps picture included as well as text is highly valuable real estate.

Inform People

Google now allows you to share a lot of information all in one place with your prospective target audience – business photos, detailed descriptions, reviews, opening hours, videos and weekly updates (e.g specials). Google uses this information to fill local search results making your business much more easily found.

Consumer Insight

You are able see the way customers have found you on google and where they have come from. For example they might have called directly from your number displayed on a local maps search. This information can then be utilised by featuring a click to call button on advertising and remarketing targeting these consumers.


Adwords is the most effective in direct advertising as it yields immediate results and people with buying intent use google by far the most. Audiences are relevant due to advanced targeting and google’s accuracy rules. Set your budget and only pay for clicks. Every sales stage is precisely measurable and thus your exact ROI.

Display Network

Display network reaches over two million websites and ninety percent of internet users. You are able to subtly integrate your ads to reach users while they shop, browse or read. It also allows rich media and not just plain text ads which is a game changer as ninety percent of information processed by the brain is visual.